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Drinking Water and Environmental Library
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This is a reference library that has been compiled on a number of topics ranging from water quality, drinking water, water treatment, evapotranspiration, groundwater, lake management, mold, private wells, septic systems, radon, and wellhead protection.

New Booklet - "Water Quality - Your Private Well - What Do the Results Mean?"

The Keystone Clean Water Team
Helping Private Well Owners (Fact Based Resource)


Drinking Water Issues

Drinking Water Maximum Contaminate Levels

Drinking Water Regulations

Drinking Water Standards

Water Rights

Water Conservation

Require Certified Testing In PA -
List of Certified Laboratories by County


Well and Spring Construction

Before You Drill

Well Construction Guide

Sanitary Well Caps

Storing Water

Well Abandonment (Pennsylvania Guidelines)

Water Quality Testing

Water Testing Kits
What do the Numbers Mean?
Water Testing Information
Water Health Effects
(Maximum Contaminate Levels)

Why Get Your Water Tested - PA Perspective.

Arsenic and Shock Well Disinfection

Water Treatment Systems

Chlorine Contact
Water Filtration
Hydrogen Sulfide
Greensand Filter
Ozone in Water Treatment
Iron Water Treatment
Iron and Manganese
Ion Exchange Lead In Drinking Water
Nitrate in Water
Lime Softening
Magnetic Water Treatment
Sodium and Chloride Contamination
Reducing Radon in Water
Reverse Osmosis

UV Disinfection System
UV Disinfection- Tech Brief
UV Irradiation - With Case Study

Water Treatment for Home
Point of Use Devices

Private Well Quality 
and Water Treatment

Home Water Treatment

Drinking Water Treatment Systems
Monitoring Disinfection using ORP


Bacterial Contamination
Basic Groundwater Hydrology
Groundwater in PA
Groundwater Demonstration Model
Injection Well
Nitrate Dilution Model
Well Erosion Control
What is Groundwater?
Baseline Water Testing - Sullivan County, PA

Sealing Leaks Anthracite Region

Dry Stream Wastewater Discharge

Power Point Presentations

Injection Wells Regulations

EPA Septic 5
EPA Sewage 7
Injection Well

Database of Oil and Gas Wells In PA
(How to Access and Use)



Radon in US
Radon Data
Radiological Testing Water


Private Well

Arsenic in Water
Arsenic in US
Bacteria in Water
Bacteria Well Water
Private Well System

Private Well Information
Drop Tablet Chlorinator (WellPro)

Home Drinking Water Treatment
Household Water Treatment
Microorganisms in Water
Shock Disinfection

Stormwater and Soils

Stormwater in PA
Erosion Sedimentation (Drilling Well)
Fragipan and Soils in PA
Cambic Soils PA
Soils - Field Guide
Soils and Climate- PA
Soils of PA
Salinity and Irrigation
Green Ampt Equations

Estimating Infiltration
Volume I

Estimating Infiltration
 Volume II 

Hydrodynamic Separators

Stormwater BMPs
Stormwater BMP Development

Lake, Stream, Watershed

Algal Blooms
Aqua Culture
Biotic Index Chart
Biotic Index Manual
Habitat Assessment - Stream- Mud
Habitat Assessment -Rocky
Canada Geese
Lake Data Analysis
Lake Field Sheet
Lake Field Sheet 
Lake Manual- EPA
Lake Management
Pond Management
Pond Water Quality (PSU)
Stream Flow
Stream Flow Statistics PA
Stream Monitoring
Stream Monitoring Manual
Pond Management
Wetland Delineation

Watershed Resources

Water Quality Index

Tools for Undergraduates



Mold Guide
Mold In Home
Mold Remediation
Mold Testing


Wellhead Protection

EPA Counter Terrorism Program
Hydrological Cycle
Non-Point Pollution
Protect Groundwater
Surface and Groundwater Interaction


Geological Data

Stream Flow Geology
River Hydrodynamics
Groundwater PA Booklet
PA Geology Booklet
Geology Education- S4
Map 7- Geology PA
Map 10- Oil and Gas
Map 59- Glacial
Map 15- Limestone
Carbonate Rock ID
Map 13b- Physiographic Provinces
Map 13f- Physiographic Provinces Description
HYSEP- Est Baseflow
Hydrogeology SE PA


Infiltration Urban Soils
Road Salt I
Road Salt II
Rainwater Catchment

Natural Gas Exploration / Leases

Methane Gas Well Water
Baseline Water Testing

"Getting the Waters Tested - The Marcellus Shale Factor"


Database Design

Lab Manuals

Conversion Factors
Coliform Method
Plate Count Method
Turbidimeter 2100 P

Water Quality Field Manual

Phytoplankton Analysis

Phytoplankton Collection

EPA Volunteer Monitoring Manual
EPA Stream Monitoring
Zooplankton Manual
Zooplankton (Sampling)

Septic System

PA Perspective
PA - Best Technical Guidance

Ecoflow Peat System

Homeowners Guide to Septic Systems

Small Flow Sewage Manual

Dry Stream Discharge

Wastewater Facilities Manual

Water Treatment Residuals

Homeowners Get Your Water Tested as 
Part of Our Private Well Owner Drinking Water Testing Program

Online Training Courses

LEED- AP / Green Associate Training/
Professional Development Hours Courses


For More information about the Water Research Center, 
please contact:

 Attn: Mr. Brian Oram, Professional Geologist (PG)
Water Research Center
B.F. Environmental Consultants Inc.
15 Hillcrest Drive
Dallas, PA 18612

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